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SYNERGY - Acro Yoga
synergy workshop and therapeutic flying
Weekend 28 February - 2 March
Acro yoga is a holistic art that combines the wisdom of yoga,the dynamics of acrobatics and the tender love of Thai massage.

Come join us for a unique experience!
A-3-day workshop of yoga,Thai massage,acrobalance,and therapeutic flying!!

What is acro yoga?

Acro yoga is a holistic art that combines the wisdom of yoga,the dynamics of acrobatics and the tender love of Thai massage.
this combined art creates a unique practice that encourages communication,touch,and trust, in an open and accepting atmosphere.
the practice builds flexibility,core strength,balance,and mind-body awareness,in a fun and playful approach.

What's in the workshop?

We will learn and practice the following:
Partner stretching- yoga positions performed in couples, Helping each other stretch,lengthen,and open up.
Acrobalance- creating human pyramids,with emphasis on correct work of body structure balance,inner concentration and trusting one another.
Handstands- we will learn a variety of exercises in order to build strength,understand and improve technique.
Traditional Thai massage-a holistic method that views the human being as a whole, the treatment focuses on opening the energy channels via pressure points and special stretches, focusing on the bone-muscle system and bringing the person receiving this treatment into passive yoga positions. The massage is performed on a Matt and fully dressed.
Therapeutic flying- the flayer pleasantly rests hanging from the partners legs, while receiving massage and stretching ,and while gravity works on lengthening muscles and relaxing the spine.

instructor: Avner Hochfeld-

A graduate of "circomedia"-the academy of contemporary circus in Bristol,England.
Specialized in acrobalance,and studied with Peter Valknoff from Holland,(one of Europe's leading acrobats) .
Created and performed in many circus shows and street performances   around the world,such as "Captain zuccini", "La familia",and "Flying in imagination".
He is currently co staring with Einel guri in the circus show "Fantastico".
Since 1997 he has been instructing acrobalance in many frameworks.
Specialized in acroyoga-the combo method of yoga,Thai massage and acrobatics,with Fransisco Morales from the us,one of the originators of "synergy-acroyoga".
Graduated "life of a yogi"-the yoga teacher training course with Darma Mitra.
Certified traditional Thai massage therapist.

Link to my video with Inael in Acro Balance: 

Link to my video with Rotem in Therapeutic Flying:

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Weekend 28 February - 2 March
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