the alchemy of love
The Alchemy of Love feb 18
Space of the Heart - The Fourth Chakra
Weekend February 1 - 3, 2018
In 3 days’ time, in a space of totality, acceptance, expression, opening and trust, we will explore in more depth our hearts truth and our fourth chakra inner alchemy. Together, we will go on a mystical journey inside of ourselves touching places we may not have imagined possible in order to discover our hearts voices, desires, longings, needs, joy and softness. Or perhaps, we know our hearts energy very well and the time has come to share it with others in a safe environment.
We talk about love everywhere and all the time… in books, in movies, most of the greatest songs are written about matters of the heart. The question is, do we also experience this love? Do we taste the sweet essence of this alchemy in our hearts? Do we allow ourselves to feel whatever is happening in the space of our spiritual hearts?

We are often looking outward to fulfill these needs and possibly feel let down when the outside cannot provide for us. The good news is that this essence, this alchemy, this magic is available deep within us and we can connect to it on our own. With the help of some courage and willingness, we can turn inward and make direct contact.

>Through chakra alchemy emotional release work, meditation, bio energetics, ancient breathing techniques, guided imagination, writing, laughter and sharing, we will experience aspects of our 4th chakra, our love, and our authentic beings. We will receive an opportunity to better understand our relationship to ourselves and our relationships with others.

When we take the opportunity to look at ourselves from the perspective of the heart, we might be surprised what we discover. The heart has the potential to be light, spontaneous, sensitive, playful, and expressive. When we become more alive and awake, the expansiveness makes room for so much more to happen.

Just by giving our hearts so much attention throughout this workshop, we automatically gain awareness and understanding, and from this place, healing automatically begins to take place. Give your heart the attention it deserves… If you feel you have forgotten your heart a bit in your life or you are lacking the balance of love in your everyday living, so perhaps this is the perfect workshop for you.

We will dive into our heart space to find out what is waiting inside to be discovered. There is a lot to learn from our inner beings, a lot of compassion available and a whole lot of acceptance. So together, let’s take this journey inward where love has a chance to flourish and grow from deep inside.

-The workshop is led in English with Hebrew translation available with advance notice.

the workshop including accommodation and 3 meals per day is 990nis. Private rooms available for additional cost.

Details and Registration:
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Weekend February 1 - 3, 2018
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