Falling in Love with your Self
The Art of Falling in Love with your Self
freeing yourself from inner judgment
2 - 5 May 2018
Love begins with Loving Yourself. Loving yourself is the foundation for finding inner peace, happiness, and the ability to love others. Love is a magical magnet that attracts the best of everything. When you access and awaken this love within, your outer life transforms as a result.
In the light of self-love you come to realize that you are not your darkness, failings or mistakes, and that your negative self-beliefs are sourced in misunderstandings about yourself and life; faulty beliefs that you can change.
"When you are able to love yourself, then seek the other, then search for the other. And you will find! The whole earth is full of loving people, beautiful people. Just you were not aware, you were not flowing with love, you were not full of love; that's why you could not find anybody to love you. And that happens to many people -- it is not only the case with you. Almost the majority suffers from the same problem. Everybody wants to be loved and nobody knows what love is, and nobody knows how to love himself." Osho

During this process we explore how to use our natural intelligence and healing capacities to build a foundation for awareness and intimacy to nourish our relationships with our self.

We also
• Release shame about your past and the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
• See yourself as beautiful and valuable, with all your flaws and weaknesses
• Accept yourself more and judge yourself less
• Forgive yourself for your mistakes and stop being hard on yourself
• Minimize the need for approval to feel more confident
• Let go of the comparisons that keep you feeling inferior
• Feel complete so that you no longer look to others to fill a void within yourself
• Find the courage to share your authentic self for deeper connections with others
• Learn to take care of yourself instead of putting everyone else’s needs first
• Believe that you’re valuable so you can start creating a life you love


In this wonderful process, Sambhavo does something remarkable. He makes the topic of loving yourself come alive in a way that is both powerful and very practical. This is one group that shouldn’t be missed.” Dharma

"I have just been in 3 Beautiful days with Sambhavo in the Loving your self workshop so much tears and then so much love and it is was so amazing to be in that space and then home and feel full of love for my self and to the all existence. Im so grateful that it comes in my Life and that now I know how to give my self so much love and respect that I was always looking from others and boyfriend." Sharapova

"It's the best thing I have ever done for myself, and the finest gift I have given my self in my life. I am learning to love myself unconditionally." Praful

The workshop will be held in english.

Workshop price – that includes a bad in a dormitory , 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day, tea/coffee/fruits 24 hours.

Early birds – by 20/3/18
2250 NIS in dormitory
2050 NIS in camping

Regular price – from 21/3/18
2450 NIS in dormitory
2250 NIS in camping

* There is a possibility of upgrading the room to a private one.
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2 - 5 May 2018
2018-May-02 עד