House of sun
Victoria and Kim-Kay
House of sun is a movement of reconnection to your higher self to live your best life at your full potential. The retreat is a way to reconnect within, to recharge and purify, and to empower you by finding your inner resources
Born and raised in Paris, Victoria’s interest in yoga and spiritual path began 10 Years ago, when she took her first yoga class and Reiki attunement in Rishikesh while traveling in India. While living in US for many years she studied and trained in Bhakti Vinyasa yoga, Yoga restorative yoga training self-consciousness and meditation, Hylotropic Breathwork, reiki, sound therapy and Shamanic Journeying.
She currently live in Tel Aviv where she offers her services and co-created House of sun a series of events and workshops that awaken people to their full potential.

Is an energy specialist with extensive experience in the field of alternative forms of medicine and spiritual healing.
Kim was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, until the end of her high school years. After having completed her acting studies at the world-famous William Esper Studio in New York City, She embarked on a mission to help others and pursued a Master degree is expressive arts therapy .Kim has multiplied her field of expertise by traveling all over the globe, studying with the greatest masters and getting certified in a whole range of energy based healing practices such as Reiki, Yoga , sound healing and color breathing, live coaching and counseling.
House of sun