The Connection & Depth within the Chakra World
Wheel of life- The World of Chakras
The Connection & Depth within the Chakra World
weekend 18-20 July 2019
Many streams from the East and Judaism support the existence of chakras in our bodies. The meaning of the word 'Chakra' is -  wheel. It is a kind of energetic wheel that lies within the physical body and is also connected to the energetic bodies around our bodies (the aura). The role of the chakras is to connect the three worlds of man - physical, spiritual and emotional.
We have thousands of chakras in our bodies, among them seven main centers. Each energy center is a world full of resources, strengths, challenges and desires. Each chakra is different - in color, frequency, energy and motion - and therefore we ourselves - our needs and desires - varies according to the chakra we are present in at that moment.

A free and harmonious movement between the chakras and their balance enables us to truly see ourselves, not only through the head, but through each of these different worlds that make up us, to live clearly about our needs and aspirations, to understand ourselves better, Process and release emotions easily, make decisions faster; understand ourselves and our needs and also how to deliver them and more.

In the workshop we will travel through the chakras, take time to meet and connect to each one. Using the various tools I have gathered in my personal journey - Rebirthing and bioenergetics work, therapy and emotional release work, NLP, meditation and contemplation, channeling and tools to connect with the higher self and divinity, working with crystals and energetic reading and many more.

We will receive the tools to connect and strengthen the chakras and the harmony between them.

All this will lead to a higher connection with ourselves, a deep ability to understand ourselves, even in moments of fear or weakness and, of course, to empower ourselves even more in our strongest places.

Here are some of the topics we will focus on:
1st Chakra - The physical body and the connection to it. Belonging. Fears. Survival.
2nd Chakra - Intimacy, feelings, inner child.
3rd Chakra - Power and self-realization. Ego and strength.
4th Chakra - Unconditional love, containment, patience, forgiveness.
5th Chakra - Creativity and our belief system.
6th Chakra - Intuition, foresight, channeling, remembrance.
7th Chakra - Connection to the Divine.

Workshop Schedule -

Thursday -
17:00 - Opening and Introduction session
18:30 - Chakra Dance
20:45 - The 1st chakra - my belonging to the world and my fears within it.

Friday -
07:30 - Morning Meditation.
10:00 - The 2nd chakra - breathing session to the emotional body – healing, release, and expansion of the emotional body.
15:00 The 3rd chakra - to connect to the unique power I am.
21:00 The 4th chakra - the discovery of the spiritual heart.

Saturday -
07:30 - Morning meditation.
10:00 - The 5th Chakra - My belief system and attitude toward the unknown.
12:30 - The 6th+7th chakra - channeling and intuition - tools to sharpen intuition and connection to the Divine.
15:00 - Summary, questions and sharing session.

Early Bird registration now until 27/06 is 1,140nis.
After 27/6, the cost of the workshop including accommodation is 1,340nis.
The price includes accommodation in a shared dormitory room, 6 delicious vegetarian meals, and a coffee, tea and fruit corner available 24 hours.
Private rooms available for additional cost.

Details and registration
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weekend 18-20 July 2019
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