Women Awakening to Life
Women Awakening to Life
Inner Awakening Journey
Weekend, December 05-07 2019
This weekend’s workshop is for women who want to explore their power of fortitude and the gifts they have deep in their beings, in order to fulfill those in their everyday life. 
In this workshop we will start a journey of inner awakening that will lead us to dive into the depths and connect to our inner life energy that is beating inside us – the most powerful energy through which we can create whatever our hearts desire.

Have you ever asked yourself how your life would be if you lived it to the fullest?

If you sometimes feel extinguished, like you lost your vitality and passion for life.

If your dreams are repressed and you are doubtful you will ever fulfill them in this lifetime.

If you experience shame, guilt or fear from wanting to express your femininity, sexuality and strength to the fullest.

If you feel like you are living beside life instead of living it to the fullest.

If you have yearned for a change for a long time, but you remain standing still. 

If you are on the verge of or in the middle of a change and want to connect to the sources of your strength to their fullest.

If your wonder what is the next step for you.

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, I would like to tell you, you are not alone!

So many women are experiencing these feelings, and I, too, was there.

“There is much in common between us women and wild animals.

'Wild Animals' and 'The Wild Woman' are endangered species.

For thousands of years women's nature was oppressed in countless ways.

For generation upon generation, the nature of woman was hidden beneath layers of different structures and unnatural tempos that were enforced upon it in order to please others. 

So much so that women themselves have lost the connection with their instincts.

So much so that woman’s natural life cycle has been lost and integrated into the culture, the intellect or the ego – theirs or others.

Every woman, and no matter by which culture she is influenced, understands intuitively the words 'woman' and 'wild'.

In every woman, hearing those words is an ancient memory awakening.

A memory that over domestication has been buried and the culture around us has repressed.

A memory that awakens in us a yearning… 

That if only it is given the chance, it will awaken to life.

Yes… even inside the most quiet and reserved woman exists a rich and wild secret life."

(from ' Women Who Run With Wolves ' - Clarissa Pinkola Estés)


In this workshop we will meet the exceptional story of a child, a mother and a wild witch.

Within this story lies a road map with 9 stages of re- initiation that helps every woman to strengthen and deepen the connection with her wild nature.

We will dive into the first stages of the initiation journey that supports the inner awakening, which we will meet through a number of wild, experiential keys that will recharge us with power, clarity and direction, to continue our journey when we return home.

In the workshop we will learn:

* What are my heart’s deepest desires and am I fulfilling them?

* What did I switch off inside myself for years, which is demanding to wake up?

* What fears I must release in order to dance life freely?

* What is preventing me from living according to my source of strength?

* What is opening inside me and is willing to flourish and thrive?

* What is willing inside of me to be exposed and realized into my day-to-day life?

* What is the next step I should take when I get back home?

Where and When?

The next workshop will take place at Desert Ashram in a very special atmosphere, from Thursday December 5th at 5:00PM until Saturday December 7th at 5:00PM.


The workshop will cost 1320 NIS for each participant.

Discount for early registration:

Super early bird (Till Oct. 10th 2019) – 980 NIS.

Early bird (Till Nov. 14th  2019) – 1190 NIS.


Costs of sleeping and dining in the Ashram:

540 NIS for two nights at a dormitory (up to 7 people)

Upgrades to a single, double or family room are available for an additional cost.

All rooms (including the workshop hall) are heated or air-conditioned.

Prices include 6 full vegetarian meals and a coffee/tea corner.

Meals are rich, varied and are suitable for vegans.

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"When I was told of the workshop for the first time I reacted immediately with ‘I am in!’. I wasn’t sure what was going to be there, I didn’t think of the fact that I am going to be spending three days with women that are strangers to me (except one) and not even of the fact that I had never before been to a workshop like this. Something inside me just screamed instinctively – ‘go!!!’.

All I could think of is ‘I am going to a serene and secluded place to get all the wildness out of me’, and that is what I needed – something that would release in me all that it can.

From the moment I stepped into the Ashram I felt I was going to have a dream like experience. Ashram, oh Ashram – how much power does the desert have, how much strength. The curiosity about the workshop increased, as did the anxiety that creeps up because it feels like, "I hope the workshop will not ruin my almost-holy feeling I have now, the women, oh the women… who are they? How are they?’

Everything faded away quickly. We went down to business right away. And in the presence, the sharing and support of every woman I came to know, parts of me I never knew existed. I met my inner beauty, I danced with my wild and liberated woman inside of me, I came to know the fire inside me and learned to embrace her and even spit it out when needed. I came in contact with my shadow, and learned the power inside of me. And finally I received a gift I never even dreamed of – I received me. Just me. No layers, fears, shame, make up, or with flip flops – just me!

To this day I feel that something inside me has awakened, cleared – something new and exciting… and that is just the something I needed…

And all with the magical inspiration of Galit Harel, the workshop facilitator, and the endless and boundless support of her wonderful assistances. No pressure Galit, but definitely awaiting chapter two…"

Dorit Shabi (July 2017) 


"Dear Galit, I wanted to share with you an experience I had during the weekend workshop in the desert. For me the workshop was very significant and it changed my perception about opening up and letting what needs to collapse – just to collapse. I feel that your guidance and the openness you created inside me, enabled me jump back to my writing and concentrate on my creativity, my search for intimacy and what is right for me through the connection with the woman that is me. I am in complete thankfulness for this special weekend and I am waiting for the next level! To uncover more of the wild, gorgeous woman and the talented child that I am!!!"

Efrat Ben-Asher (July 2017)


"In the workshop I felt openness, a freedom to express myself and hear others. All the connections that were at the workshop – from one stage to the other, between the women themselves and between the women and the facilitator boosted me and gave me a craving for more. To my astonishment I found out that there are other women just like me, women that experience similar things and it made me want to bring this workshop to other places in the country, so that as many women as possible could experience this amazing journey! It is an amazing workshop with an amazing facilitator that has so much experience and knows how to reach each and every participant. I am in great thankfulness to Galit for the place she opened and widened in my personal journey"

Rebeca Yeblonka (May 2015)


 "The workshop started lightly, logically, with a story, but slowly it deepened. I admit, it wasn’t easy for me to experience the bonds I put on myself every day and every hour. Bonds that are not real but inside my head. I cried. It was liberating yet hard. When the workshop ended I felt that I wanted to concur the world, I wanted to scream and do and liberate myself from all those bonds I put on myself and the ones I let society put on me every day. It is a very intense and amazing workshop that I think every woman should experience! I highly recommend all of Galit's workshops. It is an experience you will not easily forget!"

Dorit Sitruk (May 2014) 


"I feel the need to thank you for opening inside of me a window to this wonderful world of empowering thinking. Thank you for the workshop that enabled me to be free, to feel, experience, share, cry and to fluster. All of these are due, from my point of view, to the original ideas, in combination with the wonderful music, which is ever changing according to the process that is unfolding, and the accurate combination between experiences and conversations. Galit, your guidance is special. A combination of power, clear direction and wonderful sensibility. You knew what each participant needed in her own time, and by doing so gave me the opportunity to experience everything in my own rhythm and in the way that best suited me. The experiences form the gatherings and the deep and exciting conversations that accompanied those gatherings still eco and support me in my personal day to day process I am going through. I have no doubt that the special combination of the workshop and your personality are an empowering card."

Edna Tzohar (October 2013)


 "A day after the workshop I needed someone to talk to about the strong experiences I had. I spoke with Galit, and she helped me process the experience, to let myself expand into the process I have gone through, and let go of the shame and guilt that raised their heads… the wild woman that was hidden inside of me for so many years has finally stepped out thanks to this process. I need support so that she won't hide again…" 

(Anonymous participant) 


I invite you to join the many women that already began awakening to their deep inner nature.


 Come 

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Weekend, December 05-07 2019
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