Holistic Dance with Zola | April at Desert Ashram
Zola Dubnikova
International Dance artist, fire performer and teacher Zola Dubnikova, has lived, performed and taught all over the world, while following her dream in pursuit of  "alchemystic" embodied experience for almost two decades
. From the deserts of Rajasthan, the streets of Salvador Da Bahia and the temples of East India, to the 'gypsy' cuevas of Andalucia, the studios of NY and the mecca of  somatic movement arts and tribal bellydance - the California Bay Area, her dance offerings are infused with truly rich experience. Her dance 'journeys' contain sacred ritual, contemporary movement science, and powerful tools to bring immense pleasure to the body, fused with holistic tools drawn from the Temple Dance Lineage of India, Sufi ritual, Silk Road movement poetry, and  spicy flavor across the  Gypsy Trails.  Her unique integration of mystical tradition fused with healing process and liberating movement truly cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  As well as getting inspiration from mystical dance across cultures, Zola's dance is rooted by a reverence of the natural world, awe of the mysterious forces of life, respect for the ancestors, and true devotion.

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Holistic Dance with Zola | April at Desert Ashram